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  1. vikas_toad


    Aug 20, 2012
    i will be ordering a mi-one this weekend from aliexpress(i live in india) and want to confirm this before i place an order..
    what is the default language that mi-one(Official rom) is set to??
    is in english or chinese?
    If Chinese ..then how do I set it to english??(without flashing a new rom?) obviously because i cant understand Chinese so I wont be able to to navigate to set the language myself :(

    *I don't want to flash a new rom(to change the language)...just want to set the language to English provided by the stock phone.

    also, i have read even if the phone is in english.. many parts of it are still in Chinese.(crude translation)
    how true is that?
    the language is a big deciding factor for me in buying this phone!
  2. iBotPeaches

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    Oct 31, 2011
    If you buy the phone and get it. I will walk you through flashing OUR rom. Its quite simple and then you can enjoy pure English.

    I don't know if English is pre-loaded. If it is, its probably a mix of Chinese/English
  3. vikas_toad


    Aug 20, 2012
    Male according to this link(i could not open the link directly, had to use a chinese proxy) the official rom supports two languages english and chinese
    but once i get my hands on the stock phone.. i would definitely look up to you for english rom if the default english translation is not good.
    Thanks for the prompt reply!!!! :)

    Any one else who have mi-one stock official rom and can confirm how to english translation is and also how to set it to english
    screens perhaps ?