(Light) Orchis UI vs. (Dark) Orchis UI


Nov 28, 2010
I'm assuming there's no way to choose from the different versions of the UI update? Like, the light UI or the dark UI.
I'd love a dark ui. I've tried various themes but the basic ui remains light.can someone point me in the right direction please

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Also darker ui conserves more battery?
I like the dark ui im sure most people got excited about orchis the white ui when it first came out because it was *new* and if ur like me we just want updates and changes or maybe its just me

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If you look at the new screenshots of the new contact/dialer app Mark provided in the blog. Its still light.

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I agree with the above posters, dark ui's are better than light ui's. It just looks better, things stand out more, and battery life is better especially on AMOLED screen devices like the Nexus One.
Yeah I have a Droid, so a dark ui is not as nice on my led display :D
It seems to me that most roms are going dark, and I think it's nice that MIUI is more white.
That came out racist... sorry.... :p
I am waiting to say "Welcome to the Dark Side" when the new one comes out!
On the other hand, you could say "Let there be light"
but, Once you go black...

ok must stop :)