How long does it usually take to format from TWRP?


Apr 8, 2022
Got my hands on a new Poco F5, unlocked it and installed TWRP. Now I'm trying to follow the instructions steps from the stable release which say:
  • Reboot to TWRP
  • If installing for the first time or downgrading: Wipe -> Format Data
So I've rebooted to TWRP, touched Wipe -> Format Data and… that was 4h ago. The Poco F5 has 256GB of storage space, but it just seems to take too long, especially when formatting USBs of similar size takes much less time. Is this normal or has TWRP somehow locked up? The UI is still responsive, clock works, there's a blue thingy moving left to right, but it just feels like something is wrong.

"Format Data" takes about a few seconds.
- reboot into recovery (TWRP)
- repeat Wipe > Format Data > yes