New Lockscreen and PIN entry background Images on SGS II


May 23, 2012
Small thing that is bugging me...

I have a lockscreen image set and that shows up on the MIUI lockscreen, however, when I get to the PIN entry screen I have an image that was in the default theme behind the keypad.

Is there any way to change this image as it looks a bit wierd going from a dark background (lockscreen) to a bright background (PIN entry) back to a dark background (Launcher wallpaper)

Tried a search but haven't found anything... but that may be my inadequate search ability :)
This was not "fixed" (not a bug, but intentionally made to behave like that?) in the release mentioned above, or in the following release, 2.6.1.
As op said, it's not a big thing, but still annoying. More so when a fix is promised, but fails to appear.