New Mi 10 lite zoom volume button bug and camera cutout


Dec 17, 2020
I'm using Mi 10 lite zoom 12.0.6 by

#1 When I am listening music using mi music player I can't regulate volume by pressing and holding volume button. So I need to click many times on it to reach proper result. When I'm watching YouTube for example this bug disappears, and holding button leads to gradually changing of loudness.

#2 I've noticed that camera cutout on the renders of my phone and in real life looks different. In renders it looks more sharp and more pretty for me. I've conducted an experiment: I've rebooted my phone into TWRP recovery and find, that camera cutout looks different than in system UI.

So I need help, maybe one of you knows how to reduce this program smoothing, because for me it looks very ugly. But it can't be turned off in regular settings.

Thank you in advance!


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