New [MI 10 Ultra] Dual Apps cannot be turned on (NOT A BUG OF XIAOMI.EU BUILD)


Oct 29, 2020
The internal storage will not be available when Dual Apps function is turned on. The symptoms are:
Camera asks to insert SD card when shooting videos
Camera FC when reviewing the shot photos
File Manager FC, toasting disconnected
MIUI Home FC when -1 screen is set to Personal Assistant
MI Video FC
Basically, all the apps requiring internal storage access will FC when Dual Apps is turned on.
Multiple SD card folders are displayed with the same size and usage when connected to a PC

Just got a messy night trying to fix but it seems that the Dual Apps function didn't handle the storage well. Will really appreciate it if fixed. Thanks a lot! :)

This issue was proven by @Flowerpoweruk as well in this thread:
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