New Mi 11 Lite Bluetooth music playback issue after reconnecting


Feb 7, 2022
I recently got this phone and one of the most annoying issues so far is music playing "silently" (Bluetooth connection is established but no sound is being streamed) because the Bluetooth connection was interrupted and reestablished too quickly. Although my previous phone had no issue, this happens in a very specific scenario:
  1. Turn car key to "on" position, this starts the radio and Bluetooth and also heats the (diesel) car's glowplug for a few seconds;
  2. During these few seconds (~5 sec.), Bluetooth connection is established successfully between the phone and the car stereo, music starts playing;
  3. At this point I turn the key to its 3rd and last position in order to start the engine, and while the car engine is starting, the power to the stereo is briefly interrupted for ~1 second, this is not enough time for the phone to detect that the Bluetooth connection was dropped and the phone/stereo connection is restored but the phone never acknowledges the connection loss and the music player keeps playing without any sound.
Only 3 things work to restore the sound:
  1. Disable/enable the phone's Bluetooth.
  2. Shutdown the car's stereo and wait for the audio device icon to disappear from the phone, then switch back on.
  3. Go into the Bluetooth paired device's settings and disable/enable the multimedia feature.
I doubt there is any workaround this, but at this point I'm out of ideas and the frustration of having a new phone that is dumber than the previous is just too much so I need to vent.

Thanks in advance for the comments.