boot loop

  1. K


    Please guys help me i tried to root my redmi note 9 with TWRP but after installing magisk i tried rebooting this is when the redmi logo started glowing for aproximately 3 minutes after the screen got black and i restarted so i tried to open fastboot but i just vibrated and didn't do anything. Is...
  2. LikMaw

    Stucked on "Mi" logo loop

    (Xiaomi Mi10T) Hello everybody, first of all, thanks for reading because I'm in serious trouble. It's my first time using custom roms and I'm stucked on the "Mi" logo, It shows for 5 seconds and it restarts all the time. Mi, mi, mi, mi, ... I've tried to unbrick it with XiaoMiTools V2 two times...
  3. L

    I tried locking back the bootloader on my Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra but I'm now stuck in a boot loop. I need help.

    Hi, pretty much everything is said in the title. I dumbly tried to lock my Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra but i has a global rom in french so it now stuck in a boot-loop... I'm screwed now and need your help. Thanks in advance.
  4. R

    Error TWRP MIUI:ignore/system_root mont issue

    I need help because my POCO X3 does not restart in the logo . I have flashed the official rm with my flash and I have even reinstalled twrp like 8 times, I have cleaned all the partitions and nothing Checking for Digest check: no Digest file found Detecting Current Package - Detected MIUI Update...
  5. G

    New My phone this morning as every morning started to ring the alarm

    When I turned off the alarm the phone suddenly shutdown and then when i tried to turn on it keep forever where it shows you the miui letters i have a xiaomi mi 10. How can i solve? only formating and reinstalling? I have the stable version and im having many problems it blocks very often and...
  6. F


    мой mi 9t pro в bootloop, помогите мне, пожалуйста
  7. S

    ****ed Mi 9t

    Okay, so I got a Mi 9t. -I unlocked the bootloader through the Mi app -Updated the developer rom -Used a guide to flash TWRP and then I ****ed up So, now, for some reason, I get into a bootloop because there seems to be no OS (just mi logo, NO android logo etc) but the funny thing is, I can get...
  8. 4

    Xiaomi redmi 6 bootloop

    Caught a bootloop on my xiaomi redmi 6 when i tried to install custom ROM. Please tell me is there any way to bring phone back to life?
  9. BennybooT

    Locked bootloader and stuck in recovery mode.

    Hi all, TL;DR CC9 Pro (bought in China) stuck in MI Recovery 3.0 and reboot loops back to the recovery screen. Device is locked with the global rom. There is red text on the recovery screen which reads "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device." Does not matter which Mi account I use...
  10. Kocha12

    Stuck in Fastboot and won't connect to PC

    My Redmi K20 Pro (Exclusive Edition) is stuck in a Fastboot loop and it doesn't connect to the PC in Fastboot. It does connect when I go to "Connect with me Assistant" in Recoverymode but the Mi PC suite doesn't find it. I tried to flash the ru ROM with MiFlash to get back to MIUI 10, but this...
  11. Th0re

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S suddenly stopping workin

    Hello, I have a 7 months old Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. I did nothing particular with it (no root, no ROM installed...), only the integrated updates of MIUI as they were availables. This morning it was working just fine, until I got it out of my pocket and it wasn't booting at all. I tried plugging it...
  12. J

    Mi 8 SE stucked in boot loop

    I tried to install MIUI 10 EU, but I wiped internal storage, after this I couldn´t copy the rom from the computer to the phone. I flashed the ROM via OTG but after reboot it gets stucked in the boot animation, and nothing else happens I also tried installing the zip from adb sideload but the...
  13. N

    8.8.9 (MIUI10) on locked bootloader Stable Global (MIUI 9.5.13)

    So I have flashed my Mi8 with a global rom (9.5.13) and accidentally locked it. Obviously the global will not boot up with locked bootloader. I need a china rom thats more recent than the global 9.5.13 Is there one? When will there be one? Is it possible to flash the Official Miui 10 Dev/Beta...
  14. A

    Note 4 in Reboot Loop When I put it on to Charge

    My Note 4 is rebooting since yesterday when I put it on to charge. It goes to the logo and then restarts. I have tried holding down power button and Up volume button but same thing. It was working when I put it on charge yesterday, then I left home forgetting it. When I returned from...
  15. Josef Geißler

    Bootloop - Gesperrter Bootloader

    Hallo zusammen, habe problem mit einem A1 - hängt im Bootloop fest. Der Bootloader ist gesperrt und kann ihn nicht entsperren. Antrag bei Xiaomi gestellt und Support angeschrieben, leider ohne erfolg! Habe auch warte Zeit eingehallten. Flashen geht nicht, weil der Bootloader gesperrt ist. Siehe...
  16. Hitardo

    Stuck In Mi Logo After Flashing

    EDIT: See this thread and post: I solve the situationist through a Windows program that does everything for you: Just choose your ROM of choice: Global,, Developer or...