Resolved Mi 9: Wrong date format on lock screen and status bar


Nov 12, 2018
I own a Mi 9 (cepheus) and recently updated to MIUI 12 Stable (MIUI The language of my phone is set to "English (United Kingdom)".
Before the upgrade to MIUI 12 I was on MIUI 11 Stable and the date format was displayed correctly for me like this: DD.MM.YYYY.
Now, the date format is MM/DD on the lock screen and the status bar. However, in Settings - Additional Settings - Date & time, the date is displayed correctly again (DD MM YYYY).

Since the date was displayed correctly on MIUI 11, my guess is that this is a bug with MIUI 12.
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Hi, same with English/UK language here, date format is shown as mm/dd.

Screenshots in attach.

Thank you.

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the issue is just not for stable but also for weekly, yes in miui 11 the date format is correct but in miui 12 is not.

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Same here with German Language. In AoD (Super Wallpaper) it shows also the wrong date format. MM/DD instead DD.MM.
Using latest stable ( on Mi9).
Other Screens are fine.

Not a big thing, but would be nice if this could be fixed.
Fixed after flashing 12.0.3 on Mi9t. Thanks!

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