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Mi3 And Device Locked, How To Install Newer Roms??

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MI3' started by pieter123, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. pieter123

    pieter123 Members

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    I'm trying to get a Mi3W from one of the older roms up to date.
    I'm got the partitions combined, Android 6, Miui 7 (6.1.21) with the normal Updater App.
    However I now have to switch to TWRP and install from there.
    The strange thing is that when checking with Fastboot I get the following info:
    Bootloader: Device unlocked: False.

    As Xiaomi only started to lock the bootloaders in newer models I'm surprised this popped up and I'm not sure how to continue.
    How do I unlock the bootloader (because I guess I will I brick it if I don't)?
  2. prudhvi

    prudhvi Members

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    No if u have a proper guidance then it will not brick
  3. ingbrzy

    ingbrzy Xiaomi.eu Multilang leader Staff Member

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    Mi3 has no locked Bootloader

    ~Tapatalk Mi5~
  4. asif 123

    asif 123 Members

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    Bootloader status doesnt matter in case of rooting mi3.however if u want to see bootloader status unlocked 'true',just attach mi3 in fastboot mode and open adb &type'fastboot oem unlock'(it will factoty reset ur mi3 so backup).if u again want it to be locked,type'fastboot oem lock:
  5. pieter123

    pieter123 Members

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    Thanx guys
  6. Vinayak s

    Vinayak s Members

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    Well if you just want to flash twrp into your mi3 type command "fastboot boot recovery.img" in command prompt opened in the twrp folder.
    I too faced some problems while flashing twrp on my mi4. The old "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" didn't work which led me to think that bootloader was locked, however this wasn't the case and the above command worked

    Ps the recovery in the command is the name of the recovery file if yours is different, use thhat (e.g. If file is named twrp them enter command fastboot boot twrp.img)

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