New Mi4i Pop Up "managed Roaming" On The Screen Every 15 Seconds

Apr 2, 2014
Hello everyone,
Let me submit here a problem that rots me life:I have a Xiaomi Mi4i and despite the updated 5.9.16, I have a problem with pop-up that appears every 30 seconds indicating the "Managed Roaming (Sub1) ....

It is a message that tells you that your network operator you manually select from one of two sim cards is not captured and invites you to choose another manually or set to automatic mode.I'm forced to choose between cancel or ok to make disappear this message that highlights on the screen and causing interference on my running applications. Since I am in the border area, and that according to the side where I am of the border, there is always one of the two SIM cards no longer picks up the signal. I can not afford to let the sim cards in the automatic mode because roaming is too expensive and it's also the reason that made me choose this dual sim. Suddenly, the pop-up turns on the screen every 15 sercondes and it rots me, every time I pick up the phone I need to click cancel and it turns round. It annoys me so much that if I do not find a solution I'll have to buy another phone ... It's so stupid but I have no solution, I had the same problem with a MI2 2 years ago and I had to put it in a drawer ... I thought that since that time, problem had been resolved. But I can not be the one to meet this concern all the same! I tried everything without success, I think it is imperative that developers delete this message pop-up screen and simply leave the choice to seek a network from the notifications bar !!! I have a bottle thrown into the sea via the application "BUG" pending .. If someone has another solution waiting for the grace of an update includes a fix, I'd be eternally grateful to him ..
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