Mi4s Connectivity Issues?


May 3, 2016
Hi there,

Now, I have the weirdest story of all.

I have a MI4S and yesterday I received a notification "SIM Changed".
Since then I can't use 3G anymore nor can I call someone when I select "Preferr 3G" in the connectivity settings. I also can't send text messages nor receive them. Note: I was calling and texting and using data a couple of weeks before without any issues whatsoever.

My first thought was oh, my APN settings must've been changed. Nope this wasn't the case just to be sure I removed them and reinserted them. This didn't change a thing. And yes they were 100% correct.

Next off, I was like okay yeah maybe I ****ed something up I'll just Factory reset my phone, I did this. Still the issue persisted.

At this point I also switched sim cards and such, but the sim was in perfect condition since I could call and text and use 3G and 4G perfectly.

Now I had already attempted to unlock my phone a couple of times but Xiaomi doesn't send me the text messages. Now I figured out that if I put my phone in 2G only mode, I can Call AND receive messages. Still when I apply for the unlock code, I got the chinese response for "SMS Failed". So yeah ... I found this post on GIZChina: gizchina .com/2016/03/28/unlock-xiaomi-mi4s-bootloader-install-multiple-languages/
Note: the space before '.com' because I can't post any links.

And I flashed this version of the ROM which is version (MIUI by xiaomi.eu)
Now the process went fine and the phone still works in every aspect, but ... the connectivity issue still persists.

Now I am here with my wall of text asking the community for help, any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance


May 6, 2016
I've got the same problems. I've tried the Official Roms (Development and Stable China) and still don't receive data from 3G connection. Hope we Lucky

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