Mi5s GLOBAL stable

Jun 29, 2018
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Fix - Fixed minor imperfections (07-03)
New - You can uninstall apps in the Settings app now (03-13)

Home screen
Delete - Deleted shortcuts for moving data and managing Second space (03-07)

Optimization - Themes are adjusted for 18:9 screens (03-27)

New - All-new current playlist (01-25)
Optimization - Managing audio files on your device is much more convenient now (01-25)
Fix - Data usage warnings appeared for every online song even when data limit wasn't set (04-10)

New - You can hide the shortcut to Second space now (03-07)

Mi Apps
New - Discover your favourite apps and games in new Mi Apps (02-11)
New - Added beginner's guide (03-09)
New - Added new tabs on the start page. You can also scroll horizontally now. (03-09)

Web Apps
New - Added a confirmation dialog for deleting Quick apps from Home screen (04-20)
Optimization - Direct apps are called Quick apps now (03-26)

New - Added a card with recommendations (03-14)
New - "Mi Coconut Island" game in Mi Browser (03-14)
Optimization - Improved search bar with bigger input area (03-14)

Game Center
New - Introducing Games (04-27)

Game speed booster
New - A column for online games (01-30)
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