MI8 - Font Bootloop or Anti RollBack ?

Aug 23, 2013
Hi !

I just unlock my bootloader yesterday, flash a Global Dev FlashbootRom and then immediately enable TWRP recovery and Installed Miui Globe (xiaomi.eu dependance).
I read about anti rollback protection but didn't really understand it.

My Phone Boot well and worked well until this morning when I use HiFont to change my font.
BootLoop ...

I tried wipe cache/dalvik --> nothing
I tried reinstalling the Rom via TWRP --> nothing

Thats when I remember the rollback protection ...
Even if it's the same rom, normally it must boot right ?

Is this possible that a HiFont install the zip via internal cmd and then act like a rom ?

Because of the panic, I tried some flashable zip for restoring fonts... in vain it didn't work

I'm still unable to boot my phone, I don't want to flash with a fastbootrom (and I don't even know if it will work !?)

Please help me booting the phone back :( !
Aug 23, 2013
Thanks deepblue2000 for your quick answer.
Erasing data is the "easiest" solution ...

I tried putting manually via twrp the system/fonts to chmod 644 but didn't book either ..

Can you explain me a little ?
- I read somewhere that there was a "dummy.img" to flash to tell the phone an instruction about rollback
When will we have to use it ?

- I'm used to download my rom every friday and flash it in TWRP.
With this rollback thing, is there any precaution to have (I understood that i MUSTN'T go back to a previous rom --> Brick)

- Can I flash any zip file without issue with this rollback on ?

- Can I upgrade my TWRP.img without issue directly by TWRP with this rollback on ?
I did it and it was ok

I'm getting confused ...

- I made the fastboot getvar and the result was "antivar : 1"
I only saw antivar 4 online, what does antivar 1 mean ?
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