MiPAD is dead(brick)

Jul 16, 2016
Thank you very much guys. My mipad was dead, only a red led was blinking, but i could repair it following instructions here.
After 20-30 times trying flash the pad, finally it works. all process is easy... thanks a lot.
May 31, 2017
My Mipad went down after a supersu update (I have accepted a update through , with TRW not installed
Does'nt go in recovery
I ve tried short circuit many times with different versions of MIflash and metallic paper clip

miflash doesnt see any device
My pc is w10 with disabled signature check
when charging no llght
Any idea to save my dear Mipad ?
Oct 4, 2018
Hello. I turned off the tablet because left for a while. I arrived. clicked on. no answer. even the led is off. disassembled, disconnected the battery. installed the driver. made a short circuit. when connected is determined. miflash sees device 0. when i click the flash, this error: failed executing command 17 NvError 0x120002
Noticed that the tablet is detected even without a short circuit.
any ideas? thank you !