[MISSING FEATURE] Disable Lock Screen


Sep 22, 2011
First off let me thank you guys for a wonderful ROM, full of functionality, blazing fast and lots of eye-candy!

It seems as though a feature has been overlooked. While you can set a pattern-based lock screen you cannot remove the current lock screen. So if you use a pattern-based lock screen you must first slide to unlock and then enter the pattern. This is long-winded and inefficient.

If there is a way to turn the default lock screen off and just use the pattern-based lock screen, I cannot see it.

[EDIT] Okay, some people are reporting that this has been added to the latest release, and are complaining about it. I think the best way to implement this would be to let the user define whether or not the lockscreen is still displayed. Maybe put a 'disable lockscreen' toggle on the personal password menu?[/EDIT]
+1, i would love this.

It was even in the older builds based on Froyo, then appeared to get removed for some reason.
I can say this feature is still requested. Cannot disable stock lockscreen even if I'm using a pattern to unlock it.