Miui 0.12.3 english pack #1d (updated)

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Nov 6, 2010
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Changed in 1d:

[UPDATED] - Added new translations for Black and Whitelist. Found in Settings > Personal

- Mms themes preview text corrected to say "Contact" was located in smali code, thanks to sampson for the find after many hours of looking everywhere! also everyone else on irc for help on this!

- Mms themes text conversation previews in Chinese are now English.

- Mms smilies 90% fixed and made safe for normal conversations, sorry this broke and I didnt look at the implications properly. It was not intended to cause problems.

- Settings.apk - Numerous text changes to re align the symmetry of the labels.

- Phone.apk changed Call Tools to Call tools

- Contacts.apk multiple text changes

- MiuiMusic.apk, fixed the chinese plurals.xml issue also fixed the Removed from playlist when it should read Remove from Playlist

Special thanks to Keshav for his improvements / suggestions for the xml strings. Any other issues please report back.

Changed in 1c:

- Multiple fixes in Mms.apk
- Smilies in Mms now English
- Some layout issues corrected in Mms themes settings (Some layout issues and 2% chinese remain in graphics, will fix this later)
- Multiple fixes in Settings.apk to text strings, Thanks again Keshav for suggestions.
- framework-res.apk, Changed usb mode text to be more sensible on the screen.
- General clean up of MORE legacy text strings.
- Fixed Mms.apk message menu with delete and other buttons not wrapping text properly.

Thanks to everyone for helping debug.
Changed in 1b:

- Fixed Airplane mMode typo in settings.
- General text cleanups of more legacy titles to bring more consistency / symmetry.
- Contacts text changes / cleanup of legacy titles and text.


Nov 23, 2010
If you happen to do another pack, is it possible that you can change the music app to read Tracks instead of songs? as I dont really have songs but audio lectures
Nov 7, 2010
Problem report - to much real estate.
Messaging Long press on text. Read

Forwar Favorite Cop Etc. etc.
d s y

The last 11.26 had that problem until the fix. Just a heads up.

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