Changelog MIUI ROM 2.11.9 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • New text-to-speech output (TTS) Speed adjustment function (Potentially Chinese function)
  • Optimisation to improve sync speed of SMS via Internet connection
  • Optimised adding of contact via SMS to change phone number, numbers added directly to a contact, you can quickly get to the edit page
  • Fix MMS transmission failed synchronisation issues
  • Fix network MMS synchronisation issues
  • Fix problem restoring MMS from backup, MMS does not show thumbnails
  • Fix SMS network group sending function, only the first contact be sent the message
  • Fix bulk SMS message bar prompt does not display correct information
  • Fix large font mode, the icon sizes become inconsistent
  • Fix in some cases, dragging items is unresponsive
  • Fix in some cases, resetting the desktop layout will cause ordering to be lost
  • Optimise local theme list order
  • Optimise theme thumbnail preview image download speeds
  • Fix with some resources, Mix (Mashups) result in failure when attempting to apply
  • Fix importing resources from SD card MIUI/Theme directory performance and response issues
  • Fix memory leak issues leading to FC errors
  • Fix in some cases the theme import progress bar becomes stuck
  • Fix local theme list when updated displays repeated resources
  • New front camera auto focus / metering functions
  • Fix in some cases using Contacts app and then entering camera causes FC error
  • Fix problem after shooting panoramic photos, clicking Preview leads to FC error
  • Optimise larger file size .GIF playback support
  • Add dimorphic effect to optimise clicking on "More Pictures" and "Albums" from the home screen
  • Fix in some cases editing pictures, such as cropping or rotation does not take effect
  • Fix in some cases due to upgrade the gallery will not open after update
  • Fix problem when tapping to zoom an image causes an unwanted ripple style effect
  • New layout of browser home page bookmarks and navigation
  • Fix problem playing .m3u8 online videos, only audio is played back
  • Fix problem registering Xiaomi account, server verification issues resulted in unsuccessful registration
  • Fix about phone pages do not display correct details for some devices
Oct 13, 2012
Changelog looks great. I skipped last weeks release but ill give this one a shot.

Since im coming from 2.10.19 on Maguro, should I delete /sdcard/miui/themes, as well as doing a full wipe of everything except /data/media? I dont want any bootloops :)

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