MIUI 1.10.21 Full changelog

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    <strong>Recommended updates:</strong>
    <li>Added support for WMA and APE music formats.</li>
    <li>Improved handling of returning to call from other applications.</li>
    <li>Major improvements to the gallery application, full changes tomorrow.</li>
    For a full list of the changes please keep reading...
    <li>Optimisation of the compatibility mode, use the drop-down list within a page, black and white Optimisation of the layout of the text pop-up windows</li>
    <li>New, applications installed for the first time which require network services will display pop-up user agreement and disclaimer</li>
    <li>Integration of new Android 2.3.7 code base</li>
    <li>I9000 sense vibration feedback optimisation, two-stage vibration feedback support for soft-keys</li>
    <li>Fix phone connected to the wireless network, wireless router DHCP expired when set to "unlimited" option, the phone cannot establish DHCP to network</li>
    <li>Fix open "shared mobile network" the access device cannot display certain websites (MI-ONE only)</li>
    <li>Fix Incredible S, DHD and DesireZ models use micro-channel audio software problems with card</li>
    <li>Added support for custom number attribution (area code, location and group numbers)</li>
    <li>New non-call interface improvements to make returning to calls easier, press the green bar at the top of the screen to return to call</li>
    <li>Optimisation of third-party rights management system (The authority is divided into two parts, a: call, b: the call monitoring) The call state is enabled by default.</li>
    <li>Optimisation before the recording ban call is connected</li>
    <li>Fix in some cases after the first call is received after flashing new update, the soft-keyboard input cannot be closed</li>
    <li>Optimized when adding messages into Favorites, you may click to return to the original conversation to view the context</li>
    <li>Full optimisation of sending and receiving SMS / MMS</li>
    <li>Fix FC problems when setting the SMS centre number</li>
    <strong>Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications:</strong>
    <li>Lockscreen themes now allow to define new text width</li>
    <li>Fix phone lock screen mi-one delayed sound problems</li>
    <li>Added support to batch replace system sounds via themes</li>
    <li>Added option to restore default settings for camera application (See Settings in Camera app)</li>
    <li>Optimisation of video length time, now supports 2 hours instead of 30 minutes</li>
    <li>Optimisation of automatically restoring the last backup items</li>
    <li>New option to clear thumbnail cache</li>
    <li>Added support for viewing MMS and other items in the gif viewer</li>
    <li>Optimisation of the overall browsing speed (including opening the camera into the gallery application, gallery page toggles to switch albums and thumbnail loading speed, full screen and high-definition image views (full screen))</li>
    <li>Optimisation of full-screen map definitions and thumbnail views</li>
    <li>Double-click to zoom optimised for better experience of use</li>
    <li>Changing directory, optimisation of image loading</li>
    <li>Optimisation of 'click to enlarge' in video playback</li>
    <li>Fix system automatically rotate off, watching videos will automatically rotate regardless of system setting being switched off</li>
    <li>Fix direction problems when rotating a picture / thumbnail view</li>
    <li>Fix video preview size and the video itself does not match the resolution correctly</li>
    <li>Fix in some cases cannot display thumbnail or full screen images</li>
    <li>In some cases fix for deleting images or videos, the gallery is not updating the list correctly</li>
    <li>Fix to delete the last photo album is displayed after "pictures failed to open"</li>
    <li>Fix properties of the recorded video display a length of "0"</li>
    <li>Fix the SD card tab, the directory number to be included in the summary video / image number, no separate identification of the two.</li>
    <li>?? ?????????????? (10/19 ??)</li>
    <li>Fix multi-select picture batch operation state is not cleared correctly</li>
    <li>Added support for WMA and APE music formats (LG P990 not supported for APE format)</li>
    <li>Fix problems with online music cannot be played back on HD2 model</li>
    <li>Fix garbled audio files problem because index is not accurate</li>
    <li>When the screen is switched off the music player no longer plays, fix problem</li>
    <li>Added support for backing up Desktop launcher clock and photo frame and in addition recovery</li>
    <li>Added support to backup Superuser settings and authorisation rules</li>
    <li>Optimisation of data backup process and progress of backup information</li>
    <li>Optimisation of the automatic backup displayed time</li>
    <li>Fix alarm clock backup problem restoring the alarm did not restore</li>
    <li>Optimisation of installation of applications for the first time, pop-up notice to either allow of deny install</li>
    <strong>FM Radio:</strong>
    <li>FM support for Incredible S added</li>
    <strong>Sound Recorder:</strong>
    <li>Added called number to file name to better identify recorded call entries</li>
    <li>Optimisation of the call recordings list, show the name of the contact called in the list</li>
    <li>Optimisation of notes with alarm reminders</li>