MIUI 1.4.1 Release notes


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Nov 6, 2010
This weeks change log (Subject to changes)

<strong>2.3.3 Final devices to be added</strong>
Motorola Milestone and HTC HD2 to be added to the 2.3.3 tree. This means all MIUI devices currently supported are now at 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

This also means support for 2.2.x has all but ended on miui.cn and this will be the same on miui-dev.com.

- Added new In-call 3rd Edition MIUI UI
- New 3rd Edition MIUI UI Dialer added
- Added send recorded conversations via SMS

- Added 3rd Edition MIUI UI (Pop-ups and UI styling)
- Restoring SIM card contacts FC issue resolved

<strong>Desktop / Lockscreen:</strong>
- Added back the MIUI phone charging animations
- New MIUI Control UI
- Removed Graphic EQ for Music on Lockscreen
- New toast style messages when pressing on Lockscreen buttons (Phone and SMS)
- Date & Time added to Lockscreen Notification bar
- Improved colour of the Lockscreen theme (Now darker and much nicer!)

<strong>Theme Manager:</strong>
- Added 3rd Edition MIUI UI
- New update-available icon added for Theme resources online
- Other optimisations in code

More will be added when I get through the ROM Beta, several bugs have also been reported this week during BETA testing so hopefully some common issues might be resolved this week.



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