MIUI 1.4.22 Change log


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Nov 6, 2010

- Optimisation of handling Third Party call handling of records

- Fixed notification of missed calls and messages, LED color and frequency would not set

- Fixed force close (FC) when setting call forwarding

- Fixed the input field box narrow height problem with call forwarding settings

- Fixed answer button issue where it did not disappear after ending a call

- Caller ID issues fixed some FC errors

<strong>SMS / Messaging:</strong>

- Added setting option to enable screen wake when new messages are received

- Fixed issue sending group messages, could not resend messages again

- Fixed issue with cursor position when writing messages and using signatures.

- Optimised Mms preview of images

- Preview Mms optimisation of use with Gallery functions for viewing photos or video


- Optimisation of image resources e.g counters and icons

- Removed Lockscreen widget from ROM, can be downloaded separately

- Fixed a problem with music player buttons not pressing correctly first time

- Fixed problem for some devices seeming to charge slowly due to inefficient charging animation (Not a real issue but looked like the phone wasn't charging quick enough)

- Fixed messages preview and call info views for previews


- Contacts could not be added to groups (fixed)
- Caller ID FC fixed when selecting a picture from the Gallery application


- Optimisation of user interaction when browsing photos or video items
- Fixed issue where some photos caused application to FC


- New full screen UI
- New Anti-shake function
- Fixed issue where pop up menus caused FC
- Auto-focus issues fixed for Milestone


- New now playing panel added, enter playlists
- Optimised the recently added song, track list sorted by time
- Optimisation of folder refresh speed
- Music desktop widgets re designed to repair a number of bugs
- Optimisation of music panel
- Fixed some issues with album cover quality
- Fixed issue where sometimes albums do not display correctly
- Fixed auto play issue on Milestone


- Added view online wallpapers and ringtones

- Added options to control default audio options within themes

- Optimisation of user interface for previewing local themes more effectively

- Fixed default title of theme does not show in local themes

- Fixed issue where popup window informing of components within a theme to be showing items in incorrect order


- Fixed issue where adding a new note to desktop would appear blank on re entering the notes application


- Added support for backup and restore of contacts Caller ID


- Fixed issues with A2SD+ script was causing problems
- Overheating while charging. Animation fixed to prevent issue
- Fixed 12 and 24 hour date and time, separate strings for both options