MIUI 1.8.19 Changelog

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    This weeks MIUI 1.8.19 / 2.3.5a stable change log:

    <strong>Recommended updates this week</strong>

    1. Second stable version 2.3.5a.
    2. Custom camera button (Milestone, Desire Z).
    3. Support for I9000 Charging whilst powered off.

    Read on to see more changes...


    <strong>Download manager:</strong>
    Fix status bar displays incorrect information during download process
    Fix in some cases falsely reporting completed download when download is not completed

    <strong>File Explorer:</strong>
    New drop-down notification of FTP address and FTP transfers
    Optimisation of unknown file types, prompt not asks which application to open the file with
    Fix opening FTP and closing of FTP service

    Optimisation of files marked for backup but which have failed to be backed up
    Optimisation of restoring settings, reset from notification bar will apply changes
    Fix SD card is full causes FC when entering application
    Fix restore backup contact may cause problems

    <strong>Firewall / DND:</strong>
    Default SMS settings are not maintained, fixed problem

    <strong>Sound Recorder:</strong>
    Fix recording issues when pressing record key and after completion of recording