MIUI 1.8.19 on Droid X media server battery drain?


Aug 21, 2011
it seems to me that since i just got into using the MIUI system its battery life on my droid X is absolutely the worst i've ever seen. granted that the ROM is the most amazing thing i've ever used on my X.
when i go into the battery usage settings and view whats eating up my battery it shows media server as always just around 40% or more, now yea i'm not a noob when it comes to phones since i've disabled just about everything that requires fetching of data including my music player my picture gallery and i've disabled my sync however unless i turn off the 3g toggle it never drops. so i feel like this is a major bug in the 1.8.19 for the X if this was fixed to where it wouldnt eat up all the battery when 3g toggle is active then you'll have a die hard MIUI user on your hands. feel free to comment and reply to this thread i am interested to hear from other X users about this concern of mine.;)
this has been an issue for me as well as many other droid x users. i have been on miui since 1.8.5 and the battery has been an issue since then up until now on 1.8.19. i have been hoping that the newer verisons of miui would have adrressed and fixed this problem, but it seems it hasn't. Like you i think this is an amazing rom, but i cant have a rom that sucks that much power with almost no use. I've tried all hints and tricks i have read in the forums with no sucess.
I actually have been having better luck with my phone since my last post I did a recallibration on my battery and its lasted me easily 8 hours most of which was heavy use of torrents and flashlight AP while playing music.
Can you please explain or walk through how you recalibrated, steps apps etc..
it would be really helpfull
Thank you.
Just use the battery calibration app in the marketplace it resets the values of the configuration file that says when your battery is fully charged follow the instructions on the app
just buy a couple extra batteries. I spent $20 for 2 extra batteries and a charger.

No more battery issues!