MIUI 11 on Mi 5c


Jan 27, 2018
Hi fellow users of this once competitive device, unfortunately our phone won't make it to MIUI 11 although there will be Chinese ROMs due to the fact it is based on Android 7.1. Although that is a sad decision I think we should thank the developers of xiaomi.eu for their efforts all those years, especially if you consider that this is a non global device.
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Nov 2, 2017
Thanks for the development. It really saved me to use your rom which I'm using it from day 1 and will be as long as I'll use this phone. When I bought the device I didn't knew it was a non global phone and was shocked there were no gapps on it and etc. Not to mention how crazy the China rom works with all those prompts for permission to open each app every time you restart the phone, this is just nuts.

Thank you a million times for all your community work for our benefit on this unpopular device!