Miui 7 Based On Android 6.0 For Mi3/mi4 Cancro Rom

Jul 22, 2014
Hi devs,

As you all know ROMS for MIUI 7 with Android M is being tested right now and Alpha builds are available to beta testers, so are you guys testing EU Multi ROMs as well for cancro and mi note?

I flashed the China Developer ROM for testing and i received an OTA for 5.12.17 without being a M Beta Tester or in any special team on the official forum. I updated it, which hasn't merged my system partitions. And updater app is now giving me OTA for the latest 6.1.11 as well. I am tempted to install it to check what happens. Also if I do, can i downgrade by just flashing Multi ROM via TWRP.

Also as i understand, if EU Multi ROMs are based on China Developer versions, and they are still releasing them for cancro, why cant devs here work on it so we can test them too. Just a suggestion.
Jan 9, 2015
There is alpha and beta build outside.. almost every day new update.. Don't update if u aren't on new partition layout (merged) because u can brick your phone.. There is procedure how to merge partition, I am on new layout btw and it is safe..
Also dev from this forum working on Miui MM so please be patient..