Apr 29, 2011
Hi guys,

First of all, thanks a lot to everyone who's contributing to this awesome project.
I'm using MIUI since 1.4.1 and I really enjoy my phone now (HTC Desire).
I had an orange branded rom at first which drain my battery twice faster than the MIUI rom for useless apps. So I think I will never turn back to this sh*t.

Well, I'd like to know if MIUI support A2SD which link internal memory to an ext3 partition on the SD card because this partition don't seems to be used on my phone.

Cheers ;)
Yes it does but it depends on which aosp kernel you use. Tiamat kernel does (which comes with the rom). There are some kernels that dont. I think the latest savaged kernel doesn't cuz I tried and it didn't work for me. I use ext3 and I think Tiamat kernels also support ext4.

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Thanks for your reply.
I don't really know which kernel I'm using, I flashed the last 1.4.22 with a french translate from miuifr.com. I don't find any information about the reference of my kernel with google (
Do I have something to change (a path, a link or anything else) to help my phone using this space?
Miui supports a2sd+ but delvik cache is still on internal you can move it using terminal emulator from the market


a2sd cachesd

Phone will restart

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I don't want to move any cache from the internal memory because I own a stock SD card (don't think it's a class 4 or 6), I'm just looking for a solution to install more apps. I have only 147MB for apps in my HTC Desire, it's a bit short.
When I use A2SDGUI, I can see an empty SD-EXT partition that my phone just ignore.
But thanks anyway

Well you're right, that's better!
But I thought it was possible to install all apps (even those which can't be move by App2SD) to the Ext partition :\

As I know you can define a swap on your SD card if you want, but it'll generate a lot of unnecessary cycles on your flash memory which will die much faster.
Well, I really don't understand the point of allowing a partition of 256-512MB to extend internal memory if it's just usable for a 64MB sized cache !!
Please tell me, I'd like to know how to link this partition to the internal memory.

Have a nice day ;)
If your ext partition is empty
Then do

a2sd check
a2sd reinstall

The last command will move all the apps to ext partition
Install root explorer to see the ext partition

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Thanks a lot, that's exactly the command I was looking for!
This move most of my apps to the ext partition, just hope I won't have to do that each week.
I have just a last question: I have now 119MB free on the internal memory but I can't move the Dalvik cache back to this one (told me not enough space left), do you have any ideas?