MIUI backup between flashes

Would you be interested in backing up custom system changes?

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Dec 22, 2010
Being someone that can't quite make up my mind over MIUI and CM, I often change between the two. One of the features I missed from CM7 was the ability to back specific things up on /system between flashes.

They way CM does this is by creating a file (/system/etc/custom_backup_list.txt) in which you put the dir and name of files you want backing up, eg:
And a script will be called by the updater-script to parse this list and back up these files between rom flashes.

This feature itself isn't hard to "port" to MIUI and I have it working on my Desire. Minimal changes were necessary to the script itself (1. it can't check versions due to the vast differences in ro.modversion between miui roms between devices and 2. it no longer needs to back up gapps because they are bundled).

So I was just wondering if other people are interested in this feature? If so, I can upload the script needed (or it can be found in most CM roms and requires minimal editing).

http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/...iles-in-system-while-re-flashing-cyanogenmod/ is the CM thread explaining the script.