Resolved MIUI ICS 2.2.30 | Galaxy Nexus | Graphical Lag and RAM Problem

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Magentium, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Magentium


    Hey Everyone.

    Firstly, my Apologies if this issue has been brought up before, i could not see it in the other bug threads. I recently went from the Modaco ROM to MIUI ICS 2.3.30 on request of Mark , as i am the Admin of one of the major file hosting servers for MIUIAndroid. I love the rom, but i am finding a few issues that were not present in older versions of MIUI Gingerbread Roms.

    1. When my phone is loading, it is un-usable for at least 2 - 3 minutes while it loads due to excessive lag. I understand this is normal, and do not have a major issue with this.

    2. After the above lag is over, i find that all Graphical movements / actions are slow and stutter. Moving screens will occasionally lag and freeze the phone, and opening Folders is noticeably laggy. It feels as if the rom is not as snappy and fast as it should be. I decided to Force GPU Rendering in Development options and it runs much much faster, but is still not as fast and snappy as i believe it should be.

    3. I also find that the RAM usage is close to 600MB at all times, with only around 150 - 178 MB of RAM available at any one time, is this normal as well? I did not believe ICS was THAT much of a RAM hog....

    Does anyone have any other issues with slow rendering? It may just be me, but i am unsure as to how to make it more snappy.

    Kind Regards
    Chris Raven
    - Magentium IT Services Admin-
  2. Pele


    OI chris :)

    Yes mate as stated - that the graphical issues are a known issue with 4.0.3 these will visibily address with the 4.0.4 update when it arrives, and will no doubt adress many issues that are present in 4.0.3. 4.0.4 address issues for all android roms running ics.

    And same applies to the ram usage - very similar to when Gingerbread started out - these will be tweaked eventually and 4.0.4 deals with that too.

    TBH 4.0.4 will iron ALOT out - hold tight it will come to miui v4 eventually as its just been released.

  3. Magentium


    Hey Pele!!! Thanks for that fast reply, you did tell me that 4.0.4 was gonna fix a lot of things :p Sorry, but i did not know if you guys knew about those issues. APART from all that, the rom looks AMAZING. :) Thanks for the fast reply, and i will keep you updated! Also please note, server downloads as of the next 12 hours may be SLIGHTLY slower, pulling some updates :)
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  4. Pele


    No problem dude, the big friday rush is over so it should be ok - users will just have to be patient.

    Regards :)

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