New Galaxy Nexus Various Bugs


Feb 15, 2012

The Fix that Mark did before with changing a file from the Nexus S one to a fresh one for the Galaxy definitely fixed the RAM usage, and the Graphical Lag is no long AS apparent. I have found though, that the latest rom 2.4.30 i believe it is, will show a black screen during a phone call, will still lag at the end of a phone call. I get SystemUI Force closures, and many other problems. I am currently having to run the MoDaCo ICS Rom for my phone and found it amazingly fast on here (Stock ICS). i believe that there is something in the MIUI Rom that is conflicting. it is slowly getting better though!

Bugs include :

When making a phone call, the screen will go black (as if phone is locked) and will not come back on until the callee answers.

When using the Multitasking button (the double box one) and pressing the brush to clean up background apps, the SystemUI Force closes and the soft navigation buttons disappear for up to 10 - 15 minutes at times. A reboot is usually required to fix this.

Loss of Network for up to 30 seconds after a phone call ( i noticed that was posted somewhere else on this forum as well)

I believe that it is not a problem with MIUILauncher, as Go Launcher Ex and ADW Launcher do the same thing, and lag just as badly.

Hopefully we can fix this soon!
Love the rom guys!
Proud to be hosting your files.


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Nov 6, 2010
Thanks for the feedback. For me to get really involved I'd need to a Galaxy Nexus as a test device. If anyone has one for donation I'd be grateful :)