New [Miui-Multi-4.1.10] Bug: "Long press back for camera" and incoming calls

Jan 12, 2014
Hi all,
My phone is a Mi2s, with multilanguage Miui-4.1.10 and language set to Italian

I have the option "Long press back for camera" active (is under "Settings"-"Buttons and keys")
I received an incoming call and while fumbling for the phone I accidentally enabled camera.
1) When I pressed the "back" button to return to the "incoming call" screen, I got the "unlock phone" screen instead.
2) I unlocked the screen and still no "incoming call" screen, only a green notification in the upper left corner of the status bar.

Then I somehow managed to accept the call, I'm not sure how :)

I think the first back button (point 1) should return to incoming call screen.
Or at least, when phone is unlocked (point 2) it should show the incoming call screen.

Regards, Andrea