Preview MIUI ROM 2.10.26 Preview Changelog (Week 112)

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Nov 6, 2010
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In recent weeks the MIUI team have been working to optimise existing functionality to make the version more stable. That said, MIUI team have not forgotten the tradition of pushing new ideas and functionality. This week has seen a lot of new features added carefully whilst not at the expense of improvements to performance and stability.

1. Contacts, new smart grouping and avatar default groups
Contact management has been a major problem in the Address Book UI design, faster classification of contacts to quickly find a specific contact. MIUI Contact app Group tab can now filter By: "Company", "location" or "contact frequency" smart grouping. This feature will help you find your contacts quicker and with more accuracy.

Intelligent Avatar, is 2.3 times better than the previous version. If the contact does not have avatar and is hard to identify, we have added support for text on avatars to help quickly identify the contact(s).

2. Contacts, improved full-text search functionality
If you have many contacts or simply forget the actual name but remember a key piece of information, for example the name of a hotel, company name or some other detail such as a nickname you can now search these terms using the contact search system.

3. Gallery, new photo editing functionality
The MIUI gallery finally has its own image optimization tools. Reduction of the need for third-party picture optimisation software makes MIUI Gallery a great alternative choice for editing your photos.

The use of the new functions has not changed considerably, you simply need to click on the Edit icon and you will be directly taken to the image editing options page. Select icon to the first icon in editing mode to see features such as Fish Eye, Doodle and Crop and Rotate. The icon to the right of this allows for other editing functions such as Red Eye reduction, Highlights, Contrast, Sharpness etc. You can quickly preview filters before saving your edited photos too. We will give you full changes for this new function on Friday.

4. Desktop, new task cleanup widget
Now you dont have to just long-press the Home key to open the task clean up system. You can add a new desktop widget which will allow you to quickly clear system memory for unused applications. This new widget will make management of system tasks more convenient.

5. Mms, new support added for sending SMS / MMS via network (Xiaomi account)
MMS and SMS are typically quite expensive to send depending on your mobile tariff. You can now send messages via the MIUI / Xiaomi network using your Wi-Fi connection. This will be great for people looking to make some savings when sending photos or small music files to friends and family.

Please stay tuned for the full list of changes which will be posted as always on Friday.



Apr 10, 2012
Great! Going number one of Real smart phone ;)

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Aug 20, 2011
What about icon auto-arrange/auto-sorting in folders? this feature is available in MIUI GB. now its gone in MIUI ICS :(


Aug 3, 2012
You know what would be great? Searching for contacts in dialer with language-specific characters.

For example if I have contact "Żona" in Polish, which "translates" to "Zona" after removing Polish diacritics, I can't find it with keys 9-6-6-2. Please add this :)


Oct 25, 2012
Hi I love the miui rom! I realise the rom for HTC Desire S is based on sense based core base, but just wondering if these sense elements will ever be removed/replaced with miui themed elements, for example the camera?


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Oct 31, 2011
Hi I love the miui rom! I realise the rom for HTC Desire S is based on sense based core base, but just wondering if these sense elements will ever be removed/replaced with miui themed elements, for example the camera?

Its unlikely. MIUI Camera is generally only for Xiaomi devices.


Jan 1, 2011
All new features are nice and thanks for all the hard work, however as a base it should be fast, smooth and stable first. I am sorry to say but for Galaxy Nexus it still seems like early builds :(
Every week I am hoping that MIUI will run great on my Galaxy Nexus but sadly its still very laggy.
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