Preview MIUI ROM 2.4.27 Preview Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
[Recommended Updates This Week]
  1. New Browser viewing mode added
  2. Contact photos now support online theme photo packages (wide choice to choose from via Theme Manager)
  3. Core performance and optimisation focus on Phone, Messaging and Contacts and overall response times improved
  4. Contact attribution bug long standing in all ICS MIUI ROMs has been resolved​
Full Changelog will be posted on Friday as usual. HTC ONE-X Owners should be up for release next week hopefully as this build today was pretty smooth once we sorted the boot.img out :)
Thanks Mark and Team​
I hope to god adding apps to folders gets improved its a pain adding apps to folders when both the folder and the apps keep fighting each other:)
[Recommended Updates This Week]
Contact attribution bug long standing in all ICS MIUI ROMs has been resolved

Yey! WIll probably get rid of Go SMS since the functionalities of the native SMS app is good enough (repeat reminders, pop ups, neat UI) after the contact attribution is fixed. Woohoo!
Yay! Friday closing in :)
What about Chinese text on the lock screen? I know its something we have to take care of; but any word on that?
What exactly is the contact attribution bug? Is that the problem of contacts not being assigned to numbers when received with the country code?
Is it already version 4.0.4 because mine in HTC Sensation still showing 4.0.3 ?

As far as I know, the SGSII rom is 4.0.3 because Samsung's rom is 4.0.3, roms that are Google based are 4.0.4.
You can check that on MIUI China. On the download link says the Android version for that link.

HTC Sensation G14/G18; Samsung I9100; Huawei Honor and LT18i are 4.0.3, here is the info.
Correct, the google and source build devices are 4.0.4 now, patch rom devices are still at 4.0.3
yeah i hope the random reboots in sgs2 have gone too, it is the most important bug for sgs2 right now. i have reverted back to 2.4.13 because of the reboots.
I haven't had any annoying freezes or reboots on my SGS2 with 2.4.20 :)

Looking forward to tomorrow's release. .
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