Changelog MIUI ROM 3.5.31 Changelog

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, May 31, 2013.

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  1. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder of Staff Member

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    • Fix - Google Calendar synchronisation failure
    • Fix - In some cases, uninstalling application causes system to reboot
    • Fix - In "Call Recording" settings, when the recording time of specified recording number is over 10 hours, long press on the list will cause app flash back
    • Fix - When answering the phone in mute mode (non-vibrating), the phone will be muted with vibration
    • Fix - During call, talk time display in the notification bar displays incorrectly
    • Fix - In the pop-up dialog after adding contacts to the blacklist, pressing the 'Back' button does not exit the current interface
    • New - Added support for filtering call log for "New Contact"
    • Optimisation - Redesign page for unknown contacts (05-27)
    • Optimisation - Support number selection when group sending messages
    • Optimisation - When selecting phone number to send text messages, the "default" number of multi-number contacts will be prompted (If it was set before)
    • Optimisation - After exporting contacts to SIM card, export summary will be displayed
    • Optimisation - In the “New Contact” page, current account will be highlighted while selecting
    • Optimisation - Support for syncing cloud large picture for google contacts
    • Fix - Clicking call recording in call log or notes may cause flash back problems
    • Fix - Avatar inconsistencies for merged contacts in Details and Edit pages
    • Fix - Clicking 'Cancel' or 'Back' button in the edit avatar interface opens contact edit page
    • Fix - Clicking search box does not open search mode
    • Fix - Clicking on the Return button in groups does not return to the group list
    • Fix - In some cases, call recordings do not display in the contact call log
    • Fix - The progress bar shows incorrectly when exporting contacts to SIM card
    • Fix - Entering only a partial number returns no search results
    • New - Third-party themes can choose whether to use Fancy icons
    • New - Added support for QR code scanning
    • Fix - When entering Camera from Contacts, the skin adjustment button and flashlight button may overlap
    • Fix - Videos cannot be sent via Bluetooth from Camera app
    • New - Added quick scrollbar in Cloud Albums
    • Optimisation - Reduced the chance of no thumbnails when viewing large image
    • Fix - In local albums when multi-selecting a large number of photos to delete, the delete confirmation box does not respond quickly
    • Fix - Uploaded pictures thumbnail size conversion error in Cloud Albums
    • Fix - In some cases, opening the GIF format images may cause gallery to stop running
    • New - Music UI redesigned and improved
    • New - Animation effects when number of new window increases
    • New - Animation effects for creating and closing windows
    • New - Sliding from the edge to the centre of the screen allows for quickly switching windows
    • New - Added prompt when accessing insecure URLs
    • Optimisation - Network error page
    • Optimisation - Display effect of the link response area in a page
    • Optimisation - Bottom toolbar height adjustment
    • Optimisation - New window management interface
    • Optimisation - New night mode effects
    • Optimisation - Reading mode visual adjustment
    • Optimisation - Automatically add mail header when sending mail
    • New - Local videos can be hidden

  2. Morte

    Morte Members

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    waiting patiently....honestly! ;)
  3. SaHiL

    SaHiL Members

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    YAAAAY.... Super Excited ... :)
  4. snugroho3

    snugroho3 Members

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    That's a long list!! Can't wait for it
  5. psxsnake

    psxsnake Members

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    ...and finally Galaxy Nexus released :)
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  6. Sharp87

    Sharp87 Members

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    Cool...a huge changelog
  7. Anas_xrt

    Anas_xrt Members

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    GNEX release!!!!!!! So Coolllllllll
    Can't wait for it
  8. Da_Mak

    Da_Mak Members

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    Good to know. :)
  9. Mr.KiLLeR

    Mr.KiLLeR Members

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    Long List , Looks promising ;) waiting for it ;)
  10. dextructor

    dextructor Members

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    Finally after 6 months Google fix large pictures in contacts MIUI fix it! :)
  11. Qais003r

    Qais003r Members

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    good update... waiting.
  12. otto

    otto Members

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    Very nice update. Thanks.
  13. satrioogep

    satrioogep Members

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    Thank you
  14. BalcanGSM

    BalcanGSM Staff Member

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    What About Sony Xperia S (LT26i) ???
    Official JB 4.1.2 is OUT.
    As i Understand Official Development Is Temporary Stopped Because Then Was No Official Update.
  15. Acid

    Acid Scripting Ninja Staff Member

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    It's too late for Xperia S to get official. But there's a port of v5. We might get this someday.
  16. KOPTER

    KOPTER Members

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    Nice updated, can't wait
  17. Wes1908

    Wes1908 Members

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    That's a great list of update's! Thank's guys!! :)
  18. vim

    vim Members

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    What about WIFI fix? My Sensation already have problem with it! Any salvation? :(
  19. d32en

    d32en Members

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    Hello everyone! When you change the sim requires a password, I enter the correct password, but says that is not true. What to do?
  20. d32en

    d32en Members

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    Move on to another ROM? I'm not ready for it!
  21. psxsnake

    psxsnake Members

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    i cant find this option....
  22. ingbrzy

    ingbrzy Multilang leader Staff Member

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    its in camera app.. no need to enable it.. just show on QR code and it works..
  23. psxsnake

    psxsnake Members

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    dont work
    Pristine flash...
    (got other problem, I see duplicate contact Xiaomi and Gmail I'm whatsapp. How view only Gmail but backup both ? Before pristine was ok)
  24. nochtavio

    nochtavio Members

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    Wow, this is good update!
  25. mavvy

    mavvy Members

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    i'm trying on S3, can't get it to work either. i just start the camera app and hold it above the code, tried landscape and portrait, qr and barcode, neither works for me :( does it need additional apps maybe?
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