Changelog MIUI ROM 2.6.22 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • Added virtual screen button support for Galaxy Nexus
  • Add Motorola RAZR models support
  • Optimisation of paste into text editing operations
  • Add support for file manager to read external storage card (memory)
  • Fix volume key wake up screen may cause media volume to be accidentally changed
  • Add I9100 Call recording support
  • Added support to allow some numbers to not automatically add IP prefix (See Phone Settings for more info)
  • Optimisation of Emergency dialer interface, add preset commonly used emergency numbers
  • Optimisation of layout and text descriptions
  • Fix (CDMA) operator support, shows a more accurate talk time
  • Fix in some cases caller name will disappear
  • Optimise interface to support 720P resolution
  • Fix in some cases selecting a contact from a group does not load the contact details
  • Add new contact shortcuts
  • Optimise vCard file under certain circumstances returns and error importing the contact which leads to other problems
  • Fix strange numbers added to existing contacts and still return after editing the details
  • Optimisation when clicking on contact card to make calls or send SMS / MMS messages
  • Fix text message search in some cases leads to FC error
  • Fix desktop Photo gallery restart photos problem
  • Fix using the panoramic camera shooting mode, thumbnails have green in them
  • Fix the large picture view, when long pressing operation (edit) button, fix narrowing of icon
  • Fix darkened view on Video screen, pressing menu button issues
  • Fix FC in view image details for the Motorola Blade device
  • Fix desktop photo frame widget when image is deleted from device, the Widget will FC
  • Fix duplicate albums on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus
[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
  • Add Variety lock screen support for multi-language (through XML customisation)
  • Fix Variety lock screen picture mask, the use of absolute coordinates and calculation error in rotation
  • Fix changing theme, modify the style of the notification bar switch leads to a memory leak issue
  • Add Variety lock screen support for text control multiple lines of text
  • Add new wallpaper browsing experience
  • Optimise web version of wallpaper browsing experience
  • Fix in some devices, the theme resources for 'system' cannot be applied so theme does not take effect
  • Fix network connection or network instability problems when theme FC
  • Optimisation of music control buttons in the status bar
  • Fix in some cases confusing playlist sorting problems
  • Fix in some cases, only music automatically stops without reason
  • Fix single player, when notification is received the player will not resume playback
  • Prompt title error of long press on system play list
  • Optimisation to split the volume controls to be more refined (adjust per use); e.g. Tones, Alarms, Calls, Media, System, Bluetooth etc
  • Added support for the status bar displays the current network traffic output e.g. 0.3K/s
[Guard Mode (DND)]
  • Optimise the interface layout, support setting different settings per rule
  • Optimisation of 12-hour use - segment time format
Fantastic updates, can't wait. Will full wipe for this one I think, should be nice and stable.

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i think i must be missing something...where is the auto start manager? that is highly essential
How about google searching in browser? Haven't fixed yet?

+1. This is the only slight annoyance left for me with MIUI. It's a rather small complaint considering how awesome MIUI is, but still.
i think i must be missing something...where is the auto start manager? that is highly essential
If its not mentioned I guess it wasn't ready in time - will wait for an official answer though as it just may have been forgotten in the post.

i took such much time to post screensots/preview about autostart manager...:eek:
You mean you never did a Settings > Advanced > Set search engine?

When you set this to Google and then type something into the address bar (which is also the search bar), then the word that you typed in is ignored and it just loads the default google page (with nothing in the google search text box).

If you set your search engine to Yahoo, it works properly (putting a word in the address bar will successfully bring you to the yahoo search results page ).

This bug was introduced about 4 weeks ago and is still there. Hoping it gets resolved in today's release.
iBotPeaches can you confirm whether the app startup manager is included or not please?

Its in my NS, MI ONE, and GNEX. Cannot confirm any other models, since I don't have them.

You have to open LBE Guard to check.
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