Changelog MIUI ROM 2.7.20 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • Optimise calls modify the contact record speed
  • Optimisation of restore of call records from the backup and recovery
  • Fix using the original corrugated lock screen, call background deformation
  • Fix in some cases to delete call records, results in sync problems

  • Added bulk delete contacts
  • Fix in some cases cannot synchronize address book

  • Fix SMS messages unable to send in some circumstances
  • Fix animated GIF in the drawing page will not play animated GIF
  • Fix list page, rotate the screen to exit the edit mode / search mode
  • Fix some PNG images cannot be sent as an attachment
  • Fix the attachment bar height shows incorrectly

[Lock screen, status bar and notifications]
  • New improved status bar and notification bar shortcut switch icons (toggles menu, notification bar and list etc)

  • Fix on recent tasks to remove a single application, causes an FC error

[Camera] (MIONE Plus Only)
  • New AF (Auto focus) switch
  • Added two new real-time filters: Classic and LOMO
  • New voice-activated shutter, support for taking pictures using voice
  • Opening zero-delay shutter, fix in some cases leads to FC error

  • Fix problems with previewing themes not loading correctly

  • New cloud albums storage support
  • Fix received GIF images view via gallery problems

  • Optimize the search interface, search results, real-time display
  • Optimise drag notes fluency
  • Optimise new notes, or move the notes to the notes folder, the notes will be created as a Sticky
  • Fix the New Memo button on the horizontal screen will appear stretched
  • Fix in some cases, dragging of notes leads to FC error problems
  • Fix drag and delete notes pop up input method issues

  • Fix open and close sync switch, did not trigger the synchronisation
  • Fix synchronisation instructions, In some instances there will be a null returned
  • Fix to closing the sync switch, changing whilst using Wi-Fi, will cause sync problems

[Alarm Clock]
  • MI-ONE Plus support for alarms when phone is in shutdown state
any news about battery drain issue ?
Eventually if its possble to remove the music app which i think is the cause.
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