MIUI ROM 2.8.17 ICS & JellyBean

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Nov 6, 2010
Status: Done.

Hotfix 1 for JB ROMs (crespo, maguro, toro, grouper) posted at 17:34 - August 18. See post for more information.

Hotfix 1a for JB ROM (grouper) posted at 18:22 - August 19. See post for more information.

MD5 Checksums:

abd183d41c1276f8070b0d6d361ac26b miuiandroid_crespo-2.8.17.zip (Nexus S)
bed093503b2e21536a373167c6925f5a miuiandroid_endeavoru-2.8.17.zip (HTC One X)
0d174608ca931a2122750fa85335ef31 miuiandroid_grouper-2.8.17.zip (Google Nexus 7)
9bf0f597a8eaf7ecd6a6bf109cbd7f16 miuiandroid_GT-I9100-2.8.17.zip (Samsung Galaxy S2)
86e7f87846bee903dff87ffbb27a7afe miuiandroid_hwu8860-2.8.17.zip (Huwaei U8860 / Honor)
7c0fc5d69bacfc114cf5cf89f60fab9c miuiandroid_hwu9200-2.8.17.zip (Huwaei Ascend P1)
e9fe9d042e525b9c42f0bdae0411375e miuiandroid_LT18i-2.8.17.zip (Sony Xperia Arc S)
d6d110fd5ad0bd9b900a238bccebfdde miuiandroid_LT26i-2.8.17.zip (Sony Xperia S)
9d73e2d7a223d88d324b00599566d68e miuiandroid_m0-2.8.17.zip (Samsung Galaxy S3)
9ef76441d852567595a9bd1eb62e138d miuiandroid_maguro-2.8.17.zip (Galaxy Nexus GSM)
4d56fe50c76b5457af4f9736860bff72 miuiandroid_pyramid-2.8.17.zip (HTC Sensation)
660bab1a61ab36a7f6f8d43ad0f49b7f miuiandroid_saga-2.8.17.zip (HTC Desire S)
74618ecd15ef56ac09dadc83305b8274 miuiandroid_shooteru-2.8.17.zip (HTC Evo 3D)
31f9bdab8c0b02b98e17b10ace6f4311 miuiandroid_toro-2.8.17.zip (Galaxy Nexus (CDMA))
27de74ba5fb19b556ab40c4fcae43bbc miuiandroid_umts_spyder-2.8.17.zip (Motorola RAZR XT910)
a7b365a4984c330ba2cd56078e3c7d67 miuiandroid_ville-2.8.17.zip (HTC One S)
6fff1829d0ea40d398b7b4ec7e1fdfe7 miuiandroid_vivo-2.8.17.zip (HTC Incredible S)
a7180d8bd4fcf85589805ff41310afaa update.zip (Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus)

Downloads (ICS) - 4.0.x

Downloads (JB) - 4.1.x


Mark any news about galaxy note?

Te lo scrivo in italiano che faccio prima.
Il team miui non fara' mai uscire la rom per il galaxy note fino a quando la samsung lascera' il kernel stock con il bug.
Calcolando che samsung molto probabilmente non cambiera' il kernel perche' poco gliene frega, tira le tue conclusioni, ma oltretutto non e' solo il kernel a dargli problemi, perche' leggendo il loro forum (con il traduttore di google),hanno un problema dietro l'altro tra bug,consumi aggiornamenti e brick ,hanno tanti di quei problemi che gia' dicono vorrebbero aspettare il note 2 oppure jelly bean.
Per ora se vuoi mettere la miui ti consiglio la vengeance edition davvero ottima.
Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 will only receive Jelly Bean, others stay on ICS for a while.
MIUI are slowpokes, give JB for Nexus'es and can't do it for they own phone MIONE.
But CM10 supports Xperia S. And it runs pretty nice ?

CM10 = Jelly Bean

Xiaomi got a lot of crap during GB days for using CM base. CM felt they just took their hard work and made a better product and got all the fame. So now Xiaomi only uses official releases. Though, I agree w/ CM everything was more stable.
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I couldn't wait and installed the Chinese rom and I noticed that it has the same memory drain as the ics had is this a known issue?
If not can you report it and does it also affect your release?

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I couldn't wait and installed the Chinese rom and I noticed that it has the same memory drain as the ics had is this a known issue?
If not can you report it and does it also affect your release

Sent from my Nexus S

what memory drain are you talking about?
is the Awesome desktop included to ics one?

you mean the one we saw in the video? free launcher, the one with angry birds, space and some kind of home desktop theme?

well if you mean that i tried it the angry birds one and its quite annoying.. lol.
I couldn't wait and installed the Chinese rom and I noticed that it has the same memory drain as the ics had is this a known issue?
If not can you report it and does it also affect your release

Sent from my Nexus S

The only thing i have against MIUIv4 is game compatability, it all went down hill when v4 went live.never had a problem with MIUI gingerbread. Just hope it gets sorted out. One more thing if I am not mistaken isn't MIUI based on cyanogen mod? If that's the case is it possible that the performance options from CM9 can be implemented in MIUI?
what memory drain are you talking about?
the usual from miui ics anly 110 mb free tops and the usual phone freeze caused by the full memory , -.-
the butter makes it faster but if the apps don't kill them self after 10 minutes of inactivity then why did they upgrade the phone, it doesn't even feel like a jb rom it's exactly the same as ics with a new desktop that activate only if the theme supports it
The new launcher does not seem to be on the Miui China version for HTC One X......is it only for JB or ICS as well and just not on One X version?
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