Changelog MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Changelog

Discussion in 'MIUI News' started by MarkHUK, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. MarkHUK

    MarkHUK Founder Staff Member

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    • Add OTA update feedback options to give details of how you feel about the latest update of MIUI ROM
    • Optimisation of large font mode, Large mode font will arrange icons in a 3x3 grid arrangement
    • Fix Xiaomi Services Framework when network becomes unstable may lead to FC error

    • Fix when system time is adjusted then call cannot make use of the auxiliary menu

    • Optimisation of MiCloud contacts sync
    • Optimise the contacts batch delete interface
    • Fix SIM card contacts problems displaying new contacts
    • New, added support to encrypt local backups

    • Fix touch to focus, the camera focus may jump to the middle of the screen regardless of where the screen was touched

    • New, if network SMS activation fails, show display message
    • Optimisation of network SMS activation text descriptions
    • Fix problem when going repeatedly in and out of the same message dialogue, the resulting message list cannot be read
    • Fix status of the horizontal screen, when exiting editing mode the message list page display is not shown in its normal state
    • Fix common SMS sending failure, retry attempt when network is available will still fail to send SMS
    • Optimise font size support for Huge, Large, Normal, Small text when using 3x3 icon grid arrangement

    [Lock screen, status bar, notifications]
    • Add default lock screen music player interface support to adjust volume
    • New variety lock screen 3D support to utilise the Z-axis height parameters
    • Add variety lock screen support for touch / start time variables
    • Add variety lock screen support to access application icons
    • Fix in some cases the clock does not update in a timely manner when device state becomes unlocked
    • Fix in some cases, the "Sync" shortcut switch leads to some problems
    • Optimisation of High-resolution (720P) devices theme support
    • Fix ringtones list page play preview button is not present in some cases
    • Fix in some cases, High-resolution (720P) wallpapers will not load
    • Optimise the gallery library startup speed
    • Optimisation of Cloud album failed to load retry mechanism
    • Fix long-press gallery editing mode vibration inconsistencies
    • Fix 720P devices, clicking on the picture when displayed shows a fuzzy blue box
    • Fix 720P devices, browse SD card editing mode batch selected text size
    • Fix some frequent FC errors
    • Fix cloud album repeatedly downloaded problem
    • Fix first time loading the gallery application, photographs will show 0 results
    • Fix photo details page, the bottom action bar does not disappear correctly
    • Optimise the new version of the weather application

    [System Updater]
    • Added survey poll feedback option to report on ROM stability when updating (Only really useful for Chinese users at the moment)

    • Optimise bookmarks manager, adjustment of bookmark position was not working

    • Add notes support to insert pictures and contact details
    • New editing notes support for text completion using the sliding marker
    • Add increased size for the picture frame
    • Fix in some cases, notes shortcuts errors
    • Fix sliding notes, the interface state is incorrect
    • Fix in some cases, the notes will appear at the bottom of the black lines
    • Fix in some cases, creating new notes folder is unsuccessful
    • Fix removal of telephone notes folder leads to FC error
    • Fix Add reminder failure and also delete operation
    • Fix in some cases, the call notes folder last modified time shows wrong details
    • Fix in some cases, due to network instability, may lead to synchronisation FC errors to occur
    • Optimisation of SMS activation, if synchronisation fails, display message
  2. genothomas

    genothomas Members

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    Great Changelog.. :p
  3. hazri

    hazri Members

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    I like..

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  4. x1tyme

    x1tyme Members

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    :cool: can't wait till I wake up and flash this

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  5. bagi00

    bagi00 Members

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    Always a (very)GOOD work!
  6. steslatt

    steslatt Members

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    Any news on if International users will get the new weather app?
  7. walkdifferent

    walkdifferent Members

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    a great set of changes, ahh MIUI Friday, we gotta love yer!
  8. MasterTB

    MasterTB Members

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    Nice list of changes!! Can't wait to test drive it...
  9. Nikola Cicovic

    Nikola Cicovic Members

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    is galaxy note included in this release?
  10. Bhaski

    Bhaski Members

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    Please release for Galaxy Note
  11. malnav

    malnav Members

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    I like Miui design so much, it will be perfect if battery does not drain so fast :">
  12. malnav

    malnav Members

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    I like Miui design so much, it will be perfect if battery does not drain so fast :">
  13. TheWierd

    TheWierd Members

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    Hopefully this will fix a lot of SGS2 problem I have experienced!
  14. ZeD

    ZeD Members

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    What are those I haven't experienced any nasty bugs for a few sgs2 releases now. The only problem still remains for me is that there are to much TW left graphicswise but I can take that as long as my MHL-adapter works :).
  15. Vin Low

    Vin Low Members

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    Is there a list whereby we can see which devices are considered as 720p (High Resolution) ?
  16. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    Off memory.

    Sensation, GNEX, One X, One S, i9300. I'm sure im missing some.
  17. Vin Low

    Vin Low Members

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    Hmm. So the Arc S isnt one of them? :(
  18. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    It might be. I really don't know.
  19. Vin Low

    Vin Low Members

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    Okay. Thanks for your prompt reply though!
  20. WSouBar

    WSouBar Members

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    Great news
    large number of bugs were fixed.
  21. vanguard_s

    vanguard_s Members

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    Has the camera UI been updated for other devices? Other than the MI-One?

    GOLDEN ZERO Members

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    Best Rom ever .. but When will the MIUI Rom be available for the Galaxy NOTE ?

    Thank you ( all ) for your efforts ..
  23. h1237877

    h1237877 Members

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    Any chances for fixing huge memory usage on SGS3? I don't think it's normal that after reboot and wiping memory [brush button] I have usage around 700MB, after few minutes and apps it goes up to 900 (!).
  24. Mido.Karam

    Mido.Karam Members

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    I have a problem that is still present even after update
    When I try to change the notification tone for whatsapp opens the theme selection dialog instead of the ring tone selection !
    Please fix that :)
  25. iBotPeaches

    iBotPeaches Script Gatekeeper Staff Member

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    Hopefully this week. No promises though.
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