Changelog MIUI ROM 3.5.31 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
  • Fix - Google Calendar synchronisation failure
  • Fix - In some cases, uninstalling application causes system to reboot
  • Fix - In "Call Recording" settings, when the recording time of specified recording number is over 10 hours, long press on the list will cause app flash back
  • Fix - When answering the phone in mute mode (non-vibrating), the phone will be muted with vibration
  • Fix - During call, talk time display in the notification bar displays incorrectly
  • Fix - In the pop-up dialog after adding contacts to the blacklist, pressing the 'Back' button does not exit the current interface
  • New - Added support for filtering call log for "New Contact"
  • Optimisation - Redesign page for unknown contacts (05-27)
  • Optimisation - Support number selection when group sending messages
  • Optimisation - When selecting phone number to send text messages, the "default" number of multi-number contacts will be prompted (If it was set before)
  • Optimisation - After exporting contacts to SIM card, export summary will be displayed
  • Optimisation - In the “New Contact” page, current account will be highlighted while selecting
  • Optimisation - Support for syncing cloud large picture for google contacts
  • Fix - Clicking call recording in call log or notes may cause flash back problems
  • Fix - Avatar inconsistencies for merged contacts in Details and Edit pages
  • Fix - Clicking 'Cancel' or 'Back' button in the edit avatar interface opens contact edit page
  • Fix - Clicking search box does not open search mode
  • Fix - Clicking on the Return button in groups does not return to the group list
  • Fix - In some cases, call recordings do not display in the contact call log
  • Fix - The progress bar shows incorrectly when exporting contacts to SIM card
  • Fix - Entering only a partial number returns no search results
  • New - Third-party themes can choose whether to use Fancy icons
  • New - Added support for QR code scanning
  • Fix - When entering Camera from Contacts, the skin adjustment button and flashlight button may overlap
  • Fix - Videos cannot be sent via Bluetooth from Camera app
  • New - Added quick scrollbar in Cloud Albums
  • Optimisation - Reduced the chance of no thumbnails when viewing large image
  • Fix - In local albums when multi-selecting a large number of photos to delete, the delete confirmation box does not respond quickly
  • Fix - Uploaded pictures thumbnail size conversion error in Cloud Albums
  • Fix - In some cases, opening the GIF format images may cause gallery to stop running
  • New - Music UI redesigned and improved
  • New - Animation effects when number of new window increases
  • New - Animation effects for creating and closing windows
  • New - Sliding from the edge to the centre of the screen allows for quickly switching windows
  • New - Added prompt when accessing insecure URLs
  • Optimisation - Network error page
  • Optimisation - Display effect of the link response area in a page
  • Optimisation - Bottom toolbar height adjustment
  • Optimisation - New window management interface
  • Optimisation - New night mode effects
  • Optimisation - Reading mode visual adjustment
  • Optimisation - Automatically add mail header when sending mail
  • New - Local videos can be hidden

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What About Sony Xperia S (LT26i) ???
Official JB 4.1.2 is OUT.
As i Understand Official Development Is Temporary Stopped Because Then Was No Official Update.
It's too late for Xperia S to get official. But there's a port of v5. We might get this someday.
What about WIFI fix? My Sensation already have problem with it! Any salvation? :(
Hello everyone! When you change the sim requires a password, I enter the correct password, but says that is not true. What to do?
dont work
Pristine flash...
(got other problem, I see duplicate contact Xiaomi and Gmail I'm whatsapp. How view only Gmail but backup both ? Before pristine was ok)
its in camera app.. no need to enable it.. just show on QR code and it works..
i'm trying on S3, can't get it to work either. i just start the camera app and hold it above the code, tried landscape and portrait, qr and barcode, neither works for me :( does it need additional apps maybe?
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