Preview MIUI ROM v4 New 'Common' Settings coming this week

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Nov 6, 2010
This weeks MIUI V4 will include a revamped Settings menu, you can see it in the screenshot below. The aim of this new menu is to give people greater and quicker control to the most frequently used aspects of the phones settings / preferences.

This is a welcome move in terms of the overall user experience. You will be able to check it out first hand on Friday.

Here's a pic for now.


Nice ideia, its good to see this rom evolve every week... :)

Can you spoiler to us if the new camera will come to other devices this week?:rolleyes:
Nice ideia, its good to see this rom evolve every week... :)

Can you spoiler to us if the new camera will come to other devices this week?:rolleyes:
doesnt appear in the Nexus S ROM today but might tomorrow? we'll have to see.
looks ugly to mee. I wish the setting design was like the one from GB. Where its all organized.
I like the GB one very much, the ICS one is complicated and the MIUI related settings are hard to find. Hope this app fixes it.

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Freakin shweet guys. Imagine when it becomes possible to fully theme this section(and others) but this section in particular would like great in like a neon cyan with a dark background etc. Thanks guys this rom is turning out to be insanely awesome.
From my time with the new rom so far, it's a little laggy, the older rom was a lot smoother, but this is very understandable since it's just been released, I only wanted to shed some light on the bugs I encountered, mostly laggy notification bar, a little lag when locking the screen, also the samsung dialer, I would love to see that replaced with an MIUI one instead, and the older rom didn't have the whole thing with the ringtone volume ascending when the phone rings, however the new one is like that, I'm guessing it's because of the samsung bits that are in the rom. I'm using a SGSII.
Thanks mark! Can't wait to see it in action, in a more polished miui!!

Will we be able to update without having to do a full wipe by the way?
I think it is a pretty good idea

The room is pretty good, I have been using on a business day schedule, and it is lasting the whole day...
pretty smoth....

Many thanks
Looks good, i just hope they add the option to change the IP Call prefix, i live in China and that function is one of the reasons i use MIUI :)
this is going to be a pretty nice update, but i also wish to get the old GB settings menu for Miui V4. It just made things easier to navigate through and it just felt cleaner than the menu style we have now. (It still feels cleaner than the settings menu update going to come.)

.... Just saiyan
Nice! I hope you include a way to change SMS reciving sound to. Hate that i have to rely on different program for that.
And that when I want to add a sound from Notifications I just can't find them in there.

Keep it up guys!
I cannot find the call or phone settings on MIUI v4 for the galaxy nexus. Is it removed, or is it hidden in some other settings?
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