MIUI Translation Helper tool

Trần Anh

Aug 6, 2014
Hello to MIUI translators,
Here is a tool I'm using to filter untranslated text, missmatch string or array for MIUI
This tool is very very simple and still under development, so, I can't provide click-to-run now, please clone source code and run by your preferred IDE
I made it in my free time, for personal use, so it has some personal filter in its code, fell free to modify it

Which is working:
- Find untranslated string, plural, array
- Find missmatch string, plural, array
- Check for duplicated string, array in your repository

Which is not working:
- Auto generate working folder (just place some button here to prepare)

TODO (not yet, I'm still busy at work :( ):
- Show changes by every commit

Every pull request or suggestion is appreciated

Sorry I forgot to add guide
"Working folder" is the folder which store the filtered text (untranslated, missmatch...)
"English folder" point to English XML Compare, from here https://github.com/ingbrzy/Xiaomi.eu-MIUIv11-XML-Compare
"Translated" point to your translated language
"Resource check folder" point to MA-XML check from here https://github.com/redmaner/MA-XML-CHECK-RESOURCES
Note that MA-XML check has syntax error in untranslatable file, see pull request. You need to fix it manually until redmaner accept my pull request

That's it. Pick your language in "Working language", Press run and you will see result in Working folder
Or use Translation parse module in jBart...
It's different. With jBart, I need the whole ROM but with this tool, I just simple pull lastest commit from your repo (XML Compare), translate it and push to my language repo :D
And filter device-by-device, so I can see some missmatch text for specific devices
That's main reason I made this tool :D