MIUI V4.0 Known Issues (To be updated)

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    Hi all,

    Just getting a look at the ROM this morning, here is a list of the known issues as best translated as I could in a hurry this morning.

    I've sent the list back to Wu Na at Xiaomi to check things off then we'll edit any parts of the known issues below.
    <div><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><span style="font-family: 'arial black', sans-serif; font-size: medium;">Google Nexus S MIUI V4 ICS Known issues</span></span></strong></div>
    <li>Contact name phone number, A or B or C</li>
    <li>Number identification for call records in the SP</li>
    <li>Call log notes</li>
    <li>Number in middle of screen, space is not removed</li>
    <li>Battery needs to be re-inserted after shutdown to boot</li>
    <li>Native support for sim card contacts</li>
    <li>Local contact accounts</li>
    <li>Sub-account editing (with sound)</li>
    <li>Large contact photo display</li>
    <li>Lunar Birthday</li>
    <li>Sending of contact card (for SMS use)</li>
    <li>vCard preview</li>
    <li>Contact details page design tbc</li>
    <div><strong>SMS (Messaging):</strong></div>
    <li>LED lights and vibration settings</li>
    <li>Setting tones</li>
    <li>Group sending (batch) mode</li>
    <li>Sending / Sharing contacts</li>
    <li>Recent contacts list</li>
    <li>Overall UI design considerations to be completed</li>
    <li>Regularly sent text messages (To be improved)</li>
    <li>New message page, click the contacts icon cannot be displayed correctly</li>
    <li>New message page, switching screens between contacts after adding new contact causes loss of contact details</li>


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