MIUI V4 for MI3?

Nov 29, 2013
Hi everyone!
As many threads on the net talk about, MIUI V5 has a bug that avoids you from receiving notifications for whatsapp, facebook, etc until you enter the app. No push, or at least push unreliable.
I assume that this bug (or "feature", as some say) is proper of the MIUI V5, regardless of the device.

I am expecting to receive an MI3 (cancro) soon, and my question is:
Is a MIUI V4 porting for this device available?
With the V4, the notifications seem to work perfectly, and to me this is very important...
Dec 30, 2010
MIUI v4 is too old. MIUI v4 was based on ICS, and no 4.0 roms are available for Mi3.
You can't port a 4.0 ROM to a device that only has newer versions of android available.
Nov 29, 2013
I feared this answer, but it makes perfect sense. Oh well, I tried! :D
For the "trusted" switch, too bad it's not that simple! I tried, but nothing seems to defeat that MIUI "function" that runs underground...
I'm trying WSM Tools in this very moment, but I don't know if it'll do the trick