MIUI Wish List

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Oct 21, 2011
1- On-the-fly customization of lockscreen shortcuts with icons. (Its possible by playing around with the manifest for now but should be a part of the Settings->Lockscreen item)
2- Silent toggle on lockscreen. (Its possible by using Silent Mode Switcher APK but its gesture based. Should be covered under implementation of point 1)
3- 2G/3G Toggle both as widget and as a Tasker/Locale setting/plug-in. (Its possible using the Toggle 2G app but to use it, you've to resign the ROM packages while include the app and then flash)
4- Contact Groups selection. For now, it shows all contacts in your Google Contacts. Cyanogen and stock ROMs allow selection of only particular contact groups.
5- Sync All toggle. (Not Auto-sync! Sync-all triggers a one-time forced sync of all accounts)

Whats yours?
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I would like a "lock folder" a folder that is like a vault, you can drop apps in it but to access it you would need a code (pin, pattern)

That already exists, you can hide the app or request for a pin to access, the option is in settings.
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Contacts.apk showing phone info instead of icon (I have customised some info in phone numbers)
Calendar.apk with more features like in samsung rom

I know I can replace both apps but it would be great it came with the rom
An app drawer. Yes, I know you can use altappdrawer or another launcher, but I hate having to unpack mtz files to get at the icons.

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I want 'Tap to focus' during Video Recording and a Battery Management when battery gets lower
More custom music widget. You can pick the frame on the photo widget and the whole skin on the clocks, something like that.
camera apps : put shortcut for focus mode & white balance on top of screen preview. For better and quicker access to these menu. Because those menu are often use
* An option to disable the lockscreen completely. Have to do it with a 3rd-party-app but all of them aren't that stable.
* An option to change the screen sensivity
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* folders in folders
* custom dock icons
* better camera app with ISO adjustment. multitouch to focus and exposure. capture immediately instead of refocusing before the shot.
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Id like an option to long press any setting and get option to send shortcut to desktop., for instance go to settings/system and long hold battery settings, followed by a prompt to send home. I agree with most of the ideas on this thread, great stuff, and miui could really use some cm7 stuff like gestures.
I want you to put customizable widget on MIUI Lock screen...That's what MIUI lacks..otherwise it is so perfect and beautiful.
I wold really like to be able to sort icons in folders the way I want to. The only Launcher that would let me do this was Go launcher. Neither Launcher pro nor ADW nor the stock launcher will allow this. I thought at first MIUI would allow this but after a reset icons are all over the place. Its a minor but very irritating issue for me.
My ideas are these:

- option to set 1 percent battery steps display
- option to set separate ringtone for Unknown or Private numbers
- option to set live wallpapers as default wallpapers (my favourite one keeps crashing)
+ When phone is locked, adjust prev or next track in your own musicplayer by holding volume down/up.
+ Resizable widgets
+ When someone is calling, scroll down a meny, phone hang up the call and you choose a text-message to deliver to caller with phrases similiar;
"Sorry, in school" or "Sorry, i cant answer right now, in a meeting"
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