"mocolo" Screen Protector And High Quality Mi4c Case Review


Apr 4, 2013
I'm going to review the screen protector and the case I recently received.
I'd like to say that I'm very happy with it, It's very high quality and is sold for a very affordable price.

Lets start with the screen protector, It's from the company named Mocolo, which is a brand in China, it makes high quality screen protectors that even after falling for many times, stay intact, at least from my experience.
Once you open the package, it looks like this:

In the left side you can find tools to help you apply your new screen protector.
On the right side you'll find your screen protector together with stickers to help you, once again apply your screen protector with no bubbles.
Its fairly easy to apply the screen protector and there's almost a guarantee you'll have no bubbles, It's that easy.
Once you have the screen protector on your screen, you won't feel any change, it feels great and scratch resistant, mine still looks brand new.

Final Verdict - 5/5

Link to purchase, notice you'll be buying 2pcs, keep one for spare because this is the official shop, don't buy somewhere else.

Case review:
The case is made of 2 parts, one is TPU and the other one is Plastic.
It increases the size of the phone and makes the phone 25-30% bulkier and a little heavier, But you get much better protection, feels like "Otterbox" for less then 5$.
The case is actually for Mi4i meaning the IR Is blocked, which is no issue for me but might be for you, If you are planning to use it.
No issues with connections otherwise, everything else looks and works perfectly.
The buttons are a little bit hard to press, you get used to it but its worth mentioning.
You can see in the pictures how the case looks all around:

A key feature this case has is a stand in the back of it, its made of plastic.
Once you use the stand, you can secure it so it doesn't move , its done very easily and feels steady.
You get 2 different views angle, one around 75 degrees and the other one I estimate is 165 degrees.
Both look great as you can see in the picture, I think its an important feature to have.

Attaching pictures of the viewing angles:

Final Verdict - 4/5

Great shop, fast shipment, wide selection of colors and fair price. Recommended!

Thanks for looking, you are welcome to ask questions.