[MOD][THEME] Screen indicators on the top of the screen (in a MTZ)


Sep 14, 2011

I was looking for a mod to have the screen indicators on the top (like with Go Launcher).
But I found nothing. So I tried many ideas and finally i've found a solution.
First, I want to thank yshonline (see his post here) who gave me the solution.
In this post, yshonline shows how to customize the screen indicators.
And he gives the information i was looking for : add in the theme_values.xml of the com.android.launcher this string "<string name="home_indicator">bottom_point</string>".
So I replaced "bottom" by "top", and it worked !
You can see the result on the screen capture.
I like it !
So if you want see the screen indicators on the topscreen, there is 2 files to modify in the mtz :
1/ file "com.android.launcher" : modify the theme_values.xml by adding this line :
<string name="home_indicator">top_point</string>
This point may be enough but i'm not sure...
2/ file "framework-res" : it could be necessary to do that : copy your own screen indicators in the framework-res file, in the directory res/drawable-hdpi/.
Screen indicators must have these names "screen_view_seekpoint_highlight.png" and "screen_view_seekpoint_normal.png".
You can use the screen indicators which are located in the "com.android.launcher" file (name "workspace_seekpoint_highlight.png" and workspace_seekpoint_normal.png).
You've just have to rename them.

Now, i want to install Andy's Launcher mod and my home screen will be perfect ! :)
Hope this help you.