[Mi 9] (MOD)(ROOT) Overclock your screen to 84hz


Mar 6, 2018
Use it at your own risk! (This post it's just a "port" from the OP on XDA Forums)
Admins: Delete if not

It is unknown if it causes any damage to the screen. Many people have been using it for 3-4 days, and they didn't report any damage to the screen YET.
I'm currently testing it on xiaomi.eu 9.6.20, it should work in any MIUI based ROMs.


-Download the attached dbto.img and Lanthanum System Toolbox.apk file
-Install the apk, then open it
-Select partition settings from the left menu
-Select dtbo, make a backup of it (Export image)
-Select dtbo again, click flash image, and choose the dtbo.img file
You should see the changes immediately after the restart. It's way smoother than before.

If you want to go back to default, flash your backed up dtbo image file.
If something goes wrong, you can flash your backed up dtbo image using TWRP.

The original mod was found here: https://www.miui.com/thread-24921430-1-1.html
You can find this original post from XDA here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/Mi-9/themes/mod-overclock-screen-to-84hz-t3942063


All credits go to the MIUI forum thread creator and the XDA forum thread creator.

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please port for mix 3
tired yesterday from xda the 75hz mod, was ok so far, but 84 sounds way better?!