Motorola Bravo SO CLOSE!!


Oct 9, 2011
Miui built for the Defy works great on the Bravo except for the Camera. To get an easy port you move over (from original Bravo firmware) /ect/motorola for working signal, /ect/wifi for working wifi, some camera libs and the egl libs, and you have everything up to the video camera working. But when trying to take pictures, it fails to do so and displays "cannot connect to camera". I am not very good
+ at getting stuff like this to work, so I was really wondering if anyone could help me.

You can download this working 1.9.23 MIUI build that I got working by moving over the mentioned files here

You can download the stock miui files for the Defy at Miuiandroid if needed.

And download the stock 2.2 Bravo system files (minus un needed /systme/apps) here

And here is a logcat ran while trying to capture a picture inside the miui camera.