Music/sound only on speaker


Oct 22, 2021

Recently, I have been having problems with sound on my phone.

Often times, the phone forces sounds to play on the main speaker. After pressing the volume button. Instead of the standard drop-down slider, a slider with a speaker icon appears. It cannot be rolled out to the side.

When I turn on some music, a movie appears next to this slider with a speaker, a second slider with a multimedia icon. But it cannot be further developed.

Then, even when I have bluetooth headphones connected, the sound is still reproduced through the loudspeaker. I cannot hear anything in my headphones. Same with bluetooth speakers etc.

Im on miui 21/9/28. But there was also a problem with the previous two versions.

Sometimes restarting the phone helps. Sometimes for a while and sometimes for the whole day.

I will add that some time ago my phone fell off. And the back glass broke. But I opened it. I checked the flex cable and other connections. It seems okay.