Need Help - Installing Miui v5 on Samsung Note(n7000)

Mar 12, 2012
After digging in all forums and locating all files, i have come up with these steps to install MIUI v5 on Samsung Galaxy Note N7000...

I just want to know if what im going to do is right? :)
Im trying to flash my friends phone, Note n7000(4.1.2)(Rooted)(Stock Android Touchwiz)

How To Install MIUI and Google Apps?

Download MIUI V5:


And CM10
->Put EVERYTHING in external SDcard

2. Go To Recovery Mode.()
3. Flash CM10 Kernel.
4. Reboot back into Recovery(you'll find the option on the same screen or go back to main menu and check)
5, Now Wipe Data, Cache & Dalvik Cache
6. Flash MIUI V5
--> To flash miui v5 :- First of all, backup your current
ROM so that you can restore it in case
you do not like the new ROM. Scroll
down to “backup and restore” option and
select “backup”. It might take a few
minutes for the backup to complete.
9. When it is done select go back option
and choose “wipe data/factory
reset” option and wipe it.
10. Then go to ”wipe cache partition” and
wipe it.
11. Finally go to “advanced” option
and “wipe dalvik cache”.
12. Return back to the main menu and
select “install zip from sd card> choose
zip from sd card” and select the ROM
file that you copied to your phone.
Finally, go back to the main menu in
Recovery and select ” reboot system
7. Reboot the phone and then go back to recovery mode and then..
8... Flash GAPPS
9. Reboot and you are ready to go.

NOTE::: The first boot after installing a new ROM
takes much longer time (up to 3-7 minutes)
than an usual boot. In case your phone does
not boot properly and you are stuck on
bootanimation remove the back cover, pull
out the battery, wait for a minute and reinsert
the battery. Boot phone into Recovery again
and “wipe data/factory reset” . Reboot device
and things should go fine.

Is this the correct way?