new idea people might liek in future miui releases


Nov 24, 2010
snce i dont have any idea how to actually present this idea to the people that can implement it, i figured some1 here might be able to help. I know that MIUI already has lockscreen music controls and what not, but its annoying to be reading an ebook or browsing the net, and to have to switch out of the app to change the song or pause. It would be awesome if they could implement music controls int he long press home appswitcher. Then without leaving any app you can change your music however you like.
Let me know what you guys think, and if we can get in contact with the devs to make this happen.
Yeah that's a good idea but I use my head phone conrols.

Why don't you ask mark to ask them

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I second that, it's a really good idea, and we could sacrifice the 4 last used apps to implement music controlls instead..

edit: or maybe if they could make holding up/down vol keys to switch between tracks, just as it's done in sony ericsson phones..
I really like and support this idea, and what about this? You know the multitasking when you long press the homescreen and swipe to go left there is a search page? Why not you swipe another time so that it brings up a music screen with the album picture and everything?

I agree with faddys123 to ask mark to bring it to them. :)
That's even a better idea !! To have the player in the search and recent app thing

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haha, we'd need to decide on one way, so they will not be confused by so many ways we'd do it.
but I'd love that volume buttons to change the track, and maybe something like if you held home, and swiped left there could be a screen with media controlls.
any way is good for me, as long as i can adjust my music stuff while using the long press home, whatever is the easiest to implement is my support. Im not sure who to approach to get this idea to the devs. what you guys think?
Well, the last time I posted at none of the devs saw it:( I think it would be better to ask mark to bring it to them:)